Foreshore audio

Click below to listen to draft audio clips about Bo’ness foreshore and wider Bo’ness. To download click the three dots at the end of the player.

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Former miner Walter Stanners talking about his working life at Kinneil (recorded in 2012 by The PR Store for The Friends of Kinneil.)

Walter’s wife, Bertha, talking about her life as a miner’s wife in Bo’ness.

Former miner Sam Lyons worked in the old Kinneil Colliery – and its replacement, the “new” Kinneil Colliery, which opened in 1956.

Sam Lyons on working in the new Kinneil Colliery – the last pit in Bo’ness

Former miner Sam Lyons reflects on working conditions.

Despite some of the harsh working conditions, Sam Lyons, says he “loved” working at Kinneil Colliery.

Karene Grant from Bo’ness talking about growing up and living in Bo’ness as part of a mining family.

Karene Grant talking about the closure of Kinneil Colliery in the 1980s.

Alistair Moore talks about the tunnel under the Forth which linked Kinneil Colliery with Valleyfield on the north side of the Forth. (Audio courtesy of the Inner Forth Landscape Initiative).

Bo’ness resident Nancy Findlay grew up near the original Bo’ness Station off Seaview Place. She shares her memories of the station – and its services.

Local historian Robert Jardine talking about the history of the Bo’ness foreshore.

Historian Ian Scott talking about the Bo’ness witches, burned at the stake at Corbiehall.