Audio guides

We’ve worked with partners to develop a range of audio guides, available for free download via the izi.TRAVEL app.

The app runs on Apple and Android devices (keep scrolling for instructions). You’ll also find web versions of all of the tours of the izi website (see links below).

If you have feedback on any of the audio guides, or want more information on commissioning your own audio tour, please contact The PR Store. Enjoy the tours!

BO’NESS AUDIO GUIDES (for Bo’net and Bo’ness Tenants’ and Residents’ Association)

FIFE AUDIO GUIDES (for Coalfields Regeneration Trust)

Read more about the Bo’ness tours here and here. Read about the Coalfields project here.

One of the audio guides produced for Bo’net.


  1. Search and download the izi.TRAVEL app. It’s available for iOS and Android devices. You’ll also find links for the app at
  2. Install the app on your smartphone or tablet
  3. Open the app and say yes to location and notification settings (you’ll need these for the app to work properly).
  4. Search for the local tours. Enter either “Bo’ness” or “Falkirk” (as the region) to bring up the Bo’ness guides. For the Fife guides search for “Fife” and you’ll find those guides.
  5. Download your audio guide (which includes a map and pictures) and then go for a walk.
  6. As you get near particular locations on the guide, your phone or tablet should automatically start playing the correct audio for that location.
  7. Enjoy!

The guides feature interviews with local people, historians and other experts. They have produced with the support of sponsors. See the individual guides for credits.

Got feedback on the guides – or want to know more? Contact The PR Store

The audio guide running on the izi.TRAVEL app
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The PR Store has also produced a podcast series, highlighting people and places associated with the inventor James Watt. You can listen to episodes on Spotify or via the Anchor website. The podcast is a companion to the website