Helping the NHS connect on iTunes

people in front of black microphone
Photo by CoWomen on Pexels.com

The PR Store has helped Healthcare Improvement Scotland (HIS) – part of NHS Scotland – launch a series of “QI Connect” podcasts for health professionals.

The audio recordings are edited versions of previous HIS webinars (online presentations), with new introductions by Dr Brian Robson.

Five episodes are now available:

  • Maureen Bisognano – ‘Quality improvement across health & social care’
  • Sally Magnusson – ‘Playlist for Life’
  • Bill Lucas – ‘Getting the improvement habit: why QI is not enough’
  • Elaine Inglesby-Burke – ‘Nursing: our promise to learn, our commitment to act’
  • Professor Atul Gawande – ‘Implementing the lessons from Being Mortal’

Read the HIS story here

The podcast are hosted on Soundcloud. You can listen on the desktop site – www.soundcloud.com (just search for QI Connect) – or on mobile apps.

You can also hear the podcast on: