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Volunteers needed to help transport cancer patients

A charity set up to provide free hospital transport services for cancer patients is looking for volunteers.

Bo’ness Car 4U hopes to launch its services in 2022.

Chair Rod McNeill said: “If you think you can spare a few hours to make a difference to someone’s life, please get in touch.”

The charity is looking to recruit:

  • volunteer drivers to transport patients using their own cars (expenses will be paid);
  • co-ordinators to help manage bookings and undertake office/administration duties; and
  • fundraisers to help cover running costs.

Cancer patients will be able to book transport through Bo’ness medical practices. More information is on the charity’s website –

Mr McNeill said: “Getting to and from hospital for cancer treatment appointments can be difficult. Public transport can be infrequent and expensive, while driving involves the stress of traffic and hospital parking. We’re aiming to remove these worries by doing the driving – making the trip to hospital as pleasant and stress-free as possible.”

To help launch the service next year, the charity is looking for willing helpers.

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Mr McNeill said: “Becoming a driver for Bo’ness Car 4U is easy. You can give as much time as you wish, using your own car to transport service users. For instance, some drivers will only work mornings, some only afternoons – and some might only do local journeys. It’s really up to you.

“While being a driver for us is voluntary, you will be paid a running allowance of 40p per mile. You will also be given training, as well as a full set of guidelines for how the service works. We’ll show you the ropes before you drive for us.

“We’re also looking for other volunteers to help with bookings, administration and fundraising. Volunteers will be able to choose the days they work and how often. Mileage expenses will be paid (and these won’t affect any benefits volunteers receive).

“If you are interested in becoming a volunteer with us – in any capacity – or just want to know more, just get in touch,” said Rod. “Visit our website at, call us on 07716 378950 or email:”

Mr McNeill said the new charity was taking steps to protect people during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Patients will be temperature checked before trips and asked to sit in rear seats, wearing face masks.

Said Mr McNeill: “The safety of patients and our volunteers is paramount.

“Patients will be asked if they are showing Covid 19 symptoms before any drive. If they are, they will not be allowed to travel with Bo’ness Car 4U. Both patients and volunteers must be happy with arrangements made and each is free to refuse the drive if they feel unhappy about any aspect of it.”

He added: “The pandemic has wreaked havoc on society and although restrictions are being relaxed, it is important to remember that the virus has not gone away. Safeguards are needed as we learn to live with Covid 19.”

The charity says car insurance premiums should be unaffected by volunteering with Bo’ness Car 4U. However, volunteers should notify their insurer to let them know they are using their car for voluntary work.

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